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The 25,000th student of the Center for Training in Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Business Academy is Ralitsa Nikolova - Senior Network Administrator at Athos Bulgaria Competence Center.
Ralitsa learned about the activities of the Center in 2016 from his colleague and former instructor at the Center Tsvetan Dobrudjaliev, on whose recommendation he enrolled in a CCNA - Cisco certified network associate course. Satisfied with this training, she enrolled again in a DevNet Associate course in 2021. Over the years, Ralitsa also recommended the courses to her colleagues, who are also successfully trained at the BIA Center.
Apart from the high professionalism in the preparation, as one of the most useful things, Ralitsa points out the present training, the live communication with the lecturer and with the people in the group. She believes that in this way a lot of valuable information about innovations and the way of working is exchanged. According to Ralitsa Nikolova, the training at the Center is extremely well organized, and the instructor pays individual attention to each and spends time on the smallest details. "The training continues even after the end of the fixed hours, because we become a community where problems are common, and the lecturer is ready to help everyone, because he is infinitely dedicated and it seems that he understands and likes his job," said Ralitsa.
Now Ralitsa will have a third course CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Core ENCOR 350-401, which is a gift from the management of BIA on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Center and as a thank you for the trust that the 32-year-old lady voted for her professional development and certification.
For 24 years now, the BIA Center for Training and Consultations in Information and Communication Technologies has been offering training for working with word processing programs, spreadsheets, preparing presentations, working with e-mail, project management, etc., licensed by the National Agency for Information Technology. vocational education and training (№200312048 / 02.10.2003)
For 22 years the Center is also a Cisco Academy, which trains for the CCNA and CCNP levels - specialist and professional in networking, network security, network programming and automation - DevNet and others. The instructors at Cisco Academy are certified network experts who have passed exams and received specialized methodological training for Cisco instructors. The quality of education at Cisco Academy of BIA is evidenced by numerous national and international awards: for the best instructor in the country, for the best student in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for the best management of a network academy and others. Since April 2012, the academy is also an Instructor Training Center.
The Cisco Academy of BIA is actively working with universities and vocational schools to open academies and train network instructors, and in 2019 more than 90 teachers from high schools across the country were trained under the Cisco Network Academy program. The participants in the training also received credits for qualification as pedagogical specialists (BIA has been approved to provide training to pedagogical specialists by Order of the Minister of Education RD 09-2753 of 14.07.2017).
Tens of thousands of corporate and individual clients have passed through the training halls of the Center, and in the last two years online, and in many cases the training starts after testing the level of those wishing to join the courses. work in the specific organization. The clients of the Center can also count on expert consultation for the preparation of business models for the preparation of company data, work templates, etc.
Recognition for the high quality of education in the Center are its numerous clients, among which are government and financial institutions, companies from various sectors of the economy, media and others. Among them are: the Administrative Prosecutor's Office, the Appellate Prosecutor's Office, the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Environment, the National Security Networks and Information Systems. Sofia Municipality, Financial Supervision Commission, Registry Agency, Cadastre Agency, Employment Agency, National Construction Control Directorate, Sofia City Education Inspectorate, Kozloduy NPP, Actavis EAD, Bayer Bulgaria EOOD, Balkanpharma AD, Biochim Bank, Blizu Media and Broad Band EAD, Benax AD, the British Embassy, ​​Bulgartel, Bulstrad AD, the Bulgarian National Television, the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company, the Bulgaria Newspaper Group, the Military Medical Academy Germanos Telecom Bulgaria AD, Glavbolgarstroy AD, Daichman Shoe Trade EOOD, Electron Progress, Elektrorazpredelenie EAD, Infopartners EOOD, Intra com Bulgaria, Kamenitza AD, CableTel, Corporate Bank, Peace Corps, Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD, Lukoil Neftochim AD - Burgas, Lukoil Tech

During all these years, a key criterion for the quality of work in the Center was the realization of the participants in the training after the course - the application of knowledge gained within their current organization or the discovery of new professional opportunities. The feedback received from clients - both corporate and individual, is that the investment of labor, time and money has brought them success, recognition and satisfaction with what has been achieved, with the new realization and, of course, with the higher financial incentive. Some of the examples of life-changing training at the Center are those of waiters and bartenders, who have become sought-after IT professionals, bank employees, salespeople, couriers, construction workers, etc., who have found their new vocation in the ICT field and are working. up the career ladder. There are also many students who, after studying at the Cisco Academy of BIA, immediately after graduating from high school began working in leading companies in the country and abroad.

"For BIA, as an organization of employers, it is extremely important that its members have educated and qualified employees who are key to the success and competitiveness of companies. BIA strives to be in contact with employers who are looking for a quality workforce and to help those who successfully complete the training to find a worthy place for their professional realization, "said the director of the Center Teodora Borisova.

More information about ICT trainings and detailed programs can be found at https://educentre.bia-bg.com/. For contacts: educentre@bia-bg.com; phone 0888 832172.