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NDG Introduction to Linux I

Estimated Time to Complete: 70 hours

Prerequisites: Linux Essentials or equivalent knowledge

Languages: English
Self-Enroll Option: Yes

Fee: $39.95 USD per learner is collected by Partner NDG.

NDG Introduction to Linux I teaches skills common to major distributions of Linux. It aligns to exam 101 towards the Linux+ certification or theLPIC-1 certification validating the following skills:

  • perform maintenance tasks with the command line
  • install & configure a computer running Linux
  • configure basic networking


The course is designed to be taken over a full semester period, with roughly 70 hours of lectures and content, 27 chapters with chapter exams, 24 lab exercises, mid-term and final assessments. Both the instructor led and self-paced course fee is $39.95 USD per student and is collected by Partner NDG. 


Course outline for Introduction to Linux I

  1. Using the shell
  2. Getting help
  3. Text utilities
  4. Configuring the shell
  5. File manipulation
  6. File globbing
  7. Finding files
  8. Regular expressions
  9. The vi editor
  10. Standard text streams and redirection
  11. Managing processes
  12. Archive commands
  13. File permissions and ownership
  14. File systems links
  15. Hardware configuration
  16. The boot process
  17. Bootloaders
  18. Runlevels
  19. Designing a scheme
  20. Creating partitions
  21. Mounting filesystems
  22. Maintaining integrity
  23. Fixing filesystems
  24. Disk quotas
  25. Rpm package management
  26. Debian software management
  27. Managing shared libraries