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CCNA 4: Connecting Networks

This course discusses the WAN technologies and network services required by converged applications in a complex network. The course enables students to understand the selection criteria of network devices and WAN technologies to meet network requirements. Students learn how to configure and troubleshoot network devices and resolve common issues with data link protocols. Students will also develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement virtual private network (VPN) operations in a complex network.

Students who complete the Connecting Networks course will be able to perform the following functions:

  • Understand and describe different WAN technologies and their benefits
  • Understand and describe the operations and benefits of virtual private networks (VPNs) and tunneling
  • Understand, configure, and troubleshoot serial connections
  • Understand, configure, and troubleshoot broadband connections
  • Understand, configure, and troubleshoot tunneling operations
  • Understand, configure, and troubleshoot Network Address Translation (NAT) operations
  • Monitor and troubleshoot network operations using syslog, SNMP, and NetFlow
  • Understand and describe network architectures:

o   Borderless networks

o   Data centers and virtualization

o   Collaboration technology and solutions


Contents of the course Connecting Networks

  1. Hierarchical Network Design
  2. Connecting to the WAN
  3. Point-to-Point Connections
  4. Frame Relay
  5. Network Address Translation for IPv4
  6. Broadband Solutions
  7. Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity
  8. Monitoring the Network
  9. Troubleshoot the Network